“Where is the line between observation and surveillance? Maybe etymology will help. “Observe” derives from Latin: ob (= toward) + servare (to attend to; to look at). “Surveillance” is of more recent coinage: sur (over) + veiller (< Lat. Vigilare, to watch). Looking toward or looking over: the devil lies in the particle. One is something we do; the other is done to us, in the guise of protection (to look over) but with the intent of control (to look over).”
— Translator Michael Moore, this week’s guest for the PEN Ten interview series. Recent works include Live Bait by Fabio Genovesi, Agostino by Alberto Moravia, and The Drowned and the Saved by Primo Levi.

Dusk #nofilter (at Provincetown Harbor)

After the beach, before a nap.

“There are publicists, and then there is Lauren Cerand.”
— Thank you, Flavorwire, for kindly including me on this list.

#tbt hop to it.

“I am partial to the fantasy that Alice Munro and Barry Hannah had a secret love child, and that child was me.”
— PEN 10 interview with Kyle Minor, author of Praying Drunk

The pearl in my day. (at Contrada)

Honored to see two fall novels I’m publicizing here; ON BITTERSWEET PLACE, about “a young Russian Jewish immigrant trying to find her place in the glamour and darkness of 1920s Chicago,” and QUICK KILLS, “an unsettling rumination on art, pornography and sexual violence.”

Strolling the LES after dinner, reminded of Trastavere in Rome. (at Il Laboratorio del Gelato)

I ❤️ this place. (at Ithaca Farmers Market)